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Antique/Vintage Cased Silver Plated Nutcracker and Picks set 1900-1930

Antique/Vintage Cased Silver Plated Nutcracker and Picks set 1900-1930

This is a lovely antique cased silver plated nutcracker and picks set made for Dipple & Sons Norwich.

The quality set comprised of a pair of reversible nutcrackers (for different nuts and sizes of nuts) and a pair of nut picks contained in its original case with a silk velvet lined fitted case.

It is hard to precisely date these but Dipple came to Norwich in 1894 and having research these in-depth I am willing to date them between 1900 and 1930.

I am unable to find a set of the same design

Add this lovely set to your collection and/or to use at your dining table.


All pieces in excellent condition, have seen very little use.
Though you may find nutcrackers cheaper online the price of these has been by their determined by their exquisite design, amazing quality and wonderful condition.

Dipples itself is nearly 140 years old. The jewellery business was originally founded in 1878 in Woodford, Essex, by George Henry Dipple. George did not stay in Woodford for very long as by 1890 he is no longer registered as living in Woodford. Between 1888 and 1890 the business was relocated to Ipswich. The jewellery store made a final move to Norwich around 1894 and has been located in Swan Lane every since.

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